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Idea Gathering Workshop highlights

By December 31, 2020May 14th, 2021No Comments

The first round of public engagement for the City of Lebanon’s comprehensive plan process Envision Lebanon took place from October 29 through November 30, 2020.

Input was gathered online in a series of virtual engagement activities, conducted at both a ‘kick-off,’ in-person workshop event, held on October 29, and via the project website, for those who could not attend the workshop. This round of engagement will ultimately assist the development of the plan’s preliminary goals, objectives, and recommendations.

Engagement at the workshop and accompanying online materials included two main exercises: a ‘big idea’ expository activity and an interactive mapping exercise. The first activity encouraged participants to think big about Lebanon and answer the prompt: “When you think about 15 or 20 years down the line, what are the greatest opportunities for the City of Lebanon?”

The mapping exercise asked participants to identify specific locations and places that are assets to Lebanon and opportunities for the future on a digital map and to explain why these areas were selected. An opportunity area could be a place that should be protected or that should be improved or enhanced, and an asset could be a place that is already serving the community and the surrounding jurisdiction well.

Below is a screenshot from the online mapping activity. Anyone directed to the mapping exercise could add any number of both assets and opportunities to the interactive map throughout the public engagement period. Assets are marked in green-colored dots, and opportunities are marked in red-colored dots.

You can view the interactive, composite map of user-generated assets and opportunities here on the website.

If you missed the presentation, or want to go back and watch it again, view the video here on YouTube:

Finally, check out the link below to see what was heard at both the Idea Gathering Workshop and throughout the open online engagement period!